The Best Dinner of my Life


As a 32 year old man, I’ve had many dinners in my life. Sometimes I’ve had two a day, sometimes zero dinners if a vacation is rounding the bend, I’ve cooked dinners for myself, ordered, ate out, got dinners cooked for me. They’re all bullshit compared to Barclay Prime. I went with my friend, and the minute that I walked in, there’s just no way to not feel like you’re the most important person in the world. The server was outstanding, the company and weather was pretty perfect, my Delirium beer was super strong and fruity. It was a perfect night. I ordered the 24 oz. dry aged Porterhouse, and I honestly never order steak. But, when you eat at Barclay, it’s a necessity. It’s like going to Federal Donuts and ordering a Salad. We also ordered sides: Baked Truffled Mac N Cheese and also the Broccoli Rabe. Both amazing.

Save up your pennies and get ready for the best dinner of your life. I honestly can say that last night was mine. Go here if you haven’t yet.



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