PHILLY COFFEE SHOPS: Where to go to get your Liquid Personality!

La Colombe: 

Vibe:  Skinny model baristas, typically with cocky smirks and Earthquake eyes, probably from all of the complimentary La Colombe the get all day.  The baristas set the tone for this place…it’s a coffee shop with a cocky smirk.  They have an amazing product, and they know it.  Their coffee may cause you to never blink again.  

For:  Rittenhouse yoga moms, rich gay people, and cunty tourists

Where:  130 S. 19th St.



Beauty Shop Cafe: 

Vibe:   Jonathan Adler’s coffee shop, they kept the previous owner’s (beauty salon) vintage vibe and mixed it with perfectly placed everything.  The tables are all mismatched purposefully, and the people that work there are always beyond sweet.  

For:  The gentrified folks, college students, and lesbians with time to kill.

Where:  2001 Fitzwater St.





Vibe:  If Benna, one day, transformed into a person…it would morph into a college-level art teacher, who always wears her rimmed glasses and a happy demeanor to match.  I used to live around here, and the people that own it/work there are so sweet…. y’all be needing a root canal.

For:  People who like delish coffee, urban planners, art professors

Where:  1236 S. 8th St. 



Cafe 12: 

Vibe:  Four gorgeous & sweet-as-Nutella gay men run this place…and it’s smackdab in the Gayborhood.  It’s definitely a place to go to lounge and enjoy your day.  

For:  12th St. Gym members, college girls with big boobs, and gay boys

Where:  212 S. 12th St.



Shot Tower: 

Vibe:  Absolutely beautiful interior & beautiful owners help make your coffee seem stronger.  I was actually their very first customer, and I’ve always had a connection to this place, living across the street from it for a year.  The employees are so amazing & talented baristas, especially Cesar….whose fashion-icon outfits are enough to make you want to check this place out.  Oh yeah, and the coffee is amazing too.  

For:    Queen Village townies, people en route to Bikram, and hot gay men w/ beards

Where:  542 Christian St.





There you have it.  Give these coffee shops a whirl.  I have, and I haven’t blinked since.  Ramona Eyes! 


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