Eat a Pita: A Review




The Gayborhood is quickly becoming a foodie’s dream come true. Marcie & Val’s empire, Fuel, El Vez, Philly Cupcake, Vintage, Zavino are some of the super successful Gayborhood staples. It’s time for Eat A Pita’s time in the spotlight!

The 3 month old Rotisserie haven is placed perfectly amongst the Midtown Village giants. Owners Jamie Kelly and Ralph Kane are not new to the rodeo, as they have made names for themselves in the Philly food scene, meeting years ago, when they worked side-by-side as chefs at FORK. They’ve been friends for 10 years, and their friendship is evident in the perfectly crafted menu, amazing ambiance, and cohesion of the health-conscious selections for the Philly locals.

Having an amazing menu is no easy task, but they make it look super easy. They pride themselves on their daily roasting of Rotisserie chicken, so fresh & so delish. The food is as delicious, as it is gorgeous and comfy inside. I had a Rotisserie chicken wheat pita with chick peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Truly, I woke up with a cold, and after my Eat A Pita lunch, I felt like that was what the doctor ordered…feeling like that was what my body needed. The food is healthy and fresh, and a nice alternative from the Chipotles of the world. I also had Italian Lamb Stew, which was filled with Kale & Tomato and chunks of Lamb. Holla for that. It was hearty and tasted special, like my very Italian grand mom would explain as “Being cooked with Love.”

The gym crowd is in luck, as they are still open until after your asses leave the gym, after your work day. They are open from 11-9 weekdays and 11-8 on weekends. And tell them you’re a member of 12th Street Gym, and you’ll be rewarded with 10% off.

Give Eat a Pita a try, and you’ll be hooked. Walk on over and reward yourself with something delicious and healthy.

Eat a Pita
128 S 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 925-7482


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