Brunch O’Clock: YERBA BUENA


Brunch is my favorite meal of all. New York is full of amazing restaurants and Yerba Buena was no exception. Smackdab in the West Village, Yerba Buena, the cozy Latin restaurant….was calling my name JOSH….over here. In my best Aunt Jemima voice “PANCAKES IS READY!” I trekked to NYC for the weekend, and I needed a hot brunch spot to get our day of shopping going.

I ordered the Brioche French Toast. Girrrrrrrl. I don’t pray, but I should’ve afterwards. Manchego grilled cheese French Toast, with fresh fruit.

For the app, I ordered a Trio of Fries. I was surprised to find that they weren’t potato fries. They were….drum roll please? Watermelon, Hearts of Palm, and Avocado fries. WHAT. I honestly could’ve eaten 50 of them. They were cut in the shapes of regular potato fries, but they were breaded and the sauces were perfection.


Haters Gon Hate. My mom responded with “The Fuck are Woodermelon Fries?!” She doesn’t get it…. Cute
Restaurant, very inventive brunch menu, friendly staff, strong coffee. HOLLA.

For more on Yerba Buena, check out YERBA BUENA



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