Federal Donuts 4 President


With all of this election talk, and the re-election of Obama, I would like to project that Federal Donuts should run for president of Donuts. I went there with my friend Andy, the other day, and first…it was their new location on Sansom street. We ordered dinner, half a box of chicken with “Federal Donuts seasoning,” and took a seat…and we were given our halves of a box, and we were in chicken heaven. So delicious and fresh, and there was a donut in the box, calling my name. Then, I was given bags of donuts, so I can try them, and I literally became Honey Boo Boo. I was bouncing off the walls with elation,
Biting each one…each one was better than the next. This place is amazing…and if you haven’t been, then you’re dumb.

So there you have it. That is why I’m nominating Federal Donuts for President of Donuts. Make a visit, and you’ll vote for them, promise.

Make sure you get a Fancy

For more on Federal Donuts, go to http://federaldonuts.com



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