Ralph’s Restaurant Milestone

Wow, Ralph’s Restaurant…you look good for your age. Ralph’s, the STILL hotspot of Italian deliciousness, reigns over the Italian competition in Philly. It first opened in 1900, making it officially the oldest Italian restaurant in the United States. I took my mother here for Mother’s Day, and we had the most amazing experience. Best Gnocchi […]

Cooking Definition: Acidulated Water

acidulated water [a-SIHD-yoo-lay-ted] Water to which a small amount of vinegar, lemon or lime juice has been added. It’s used as a soak to prevent discoloration of some fruits and vegetables (such as apples and artichokes) that darken quickly when their cut surfaces are exposed to air. It can also be used as a cooking […]

Recipe Rolodex

Let’s cut the bullshit. Does anyone use a cookbook? I feel like no one does, especially those that have the ability of cooking. Usually people pull from, what I call…Recipe Rolodex in their Head, something that I don’t have. If I want to make Brussel Sprouts, I’ll google something sad like “Brussel Sprouts easy recipe.” […]