Winner of Philadelphia’s Restaurant of the Year, Voted by Readers of Josh Can’t Cook!

What do you think the Best Restaurant in Philadelphia is? Here are the RESULTS, voted by you! 1.  Royal Tavern   29% 2.  Zahav  18% 3.  Barbuzzo  13% 4.  Other 13% (See Below!) 5.  Pub & Kitchen  11% 6.  Osteria  7% 7.  Chifa  4% 8.  South Philly Tap Room  2% 9.  Amada  2% 10.  Fond […]

Josh Can’t Cook, so He Dined Out: The Lion

      This weekend, I made my way to NYC for one of my best friend, Vien’s birthday party.  After the amazing bday celebration, we all planned a brunch for the following Sunday.  There is nothing like an amazing restaurant for brunch, the day after a night of too many drinks.  Best cure for […]