Josh Can’t Cook, so he Dined Out: Zahav

I was going to start this blog post with something like HAPPY JOSH HASCHONEWOLF, but….I have class!  Or do I?  Anyway, I can’t cook.  blah blah…. I celebrated the Jewish New Year with a half-Jewish friend of mine, where we ate our brains out.  We drank the Kool-Aid, and ended up at modern Israeli Philadelphia […]

RIP Favorite Restaurant

  Much to my chagrin, I passed by a closed Adsum Restaurant, a new-ish amazing upstart restaurant in the Queen Village neighborhood of Philadelphia.  How impossibly sad.  I’ve had a few terrible dates there, but a lot of delicious meals.  It’s funny how restaurant memories can live on, even after the doors are closed.  I went […]

Masterpiece: The Grilled Cheese

   The Satan child that I’m featuring here is how I feel inside when I see a Grilled Cheese.  Hard to explain why a Grilled Cheese is so satisfying and exciting.  Well, not really.  It’s bread, melted cheese, buttery……..come on.  Simple math, right?  I usually use Potato Bread, and since one should never consume anything […]

Your Favorite Food Blog Results

  Pioneer Woman 19.57% Josh Can’t Cook 15.22% Smitten Kitchen 13.04% CHOW 13.04% Bethenny 6.52% Eater 6.52% Food Network 6.52% Bitten 6.52% Pinch My Salt 4.35% Simply Recipes 4.35% Just Food 2.17% Epicurious 2.17% Serious Eats 0% I asked on what your favorite food blog is, and even though it’s MY blog that you […]

This Just In: I had the best seafood of my Life

Location:  Rehoboth, Delaware Who:  Me and 6 friends Why:  We love Seafood Name of Restaurant:  Henlopen City Oyster House. For starters, the food was amazing.  It was a gem in a selection of stinkers.  Like your only expensive pair of shoes with all of your canvas errand shoes.  Ladies, you know you have canvas errands […]