What the Fritata

     This is what my face looks like when I don’t know what people are talking about.  And that face happened yesterday, when I walked into my friend’s house, and saw that he made a Fritata for lunch.  This beautiful, gentlemanly Fritata.  I said “ohhh looks amazing,” but I was thinking “what the hell , and […]

Josh’s General Wow Recipe; Ring the Gong

I’m a huge chinese food fan, especially the non-crack den chinese food spots.  No cracky please!  Just hand me the chop sticks.  So, the other night for dinner, I was feeling especially adventurous.  So, I whipped out of my recipe book a recipe for General Tso Chicken.  Wasn’t easy, but paying attention is hard when […]

Josh Can’t Cook so he dined out: Johnny Chang

  There are many triflin’ ass chinese food restaurants among the planet.  Some look like crackdens, that happened to have a few handy woks to cook their crackguests some dinner.  But, Johnny Chang’s is different!  It’s all fresh, amazing sauces, a sushi bar….wham bam, thank you Johnny Chang.  Trust me on this one….. I have […]