We all Scream for Ice Cream

I am a huge ice cream man.  One day I will be a huge man, if I keep this trend up.  I’ve just always loved ice cream, so much, and I doubt that I stand alone.  HALF BAKED, you are my only sunshine.  I have met people that make their own, and I’m nice to […]

Cooking Definition: Simmer

I’m not gonna front.  I don’t know how to simmer anything.  I’m copying and pasting the definition from a culinary website.  Here goes: Definition:                  In the culinary arts, the word Simmer means to cook a food in liquid with a temperature ranging from 180°F to 205°F.  Simmering is a cooking technique that’s used when […]

Mah Momma’s Chicken Cutlets

   As long as I could remember, my mother has made Janice’s Chicken Cutlets every SINGLE monday night, for 30 years +++.  Homegirl knows consistency.  My mom has been with the same man for 31 years, she has always stuck with fluffy hairstyles, she goes grocery shopping for 3 hours on Sunday, she’s had the […]

A July 4th BBQ Dream

BBQ’ing for many is a cop-out.  You throw food item onto BBQ and flip it, and then you eyeball it and then…..eat, right?   I had a BBQ for a few friends, a few weeks ago, and one of my friends jumped up and said “Josh Can’t Cook, so he definitely can’t BBQ either.  And I’m […]