Breakfast for Dinner: Aunt Jemima speaks

Ladies and Gentlemen, I reinvited the wheel.  I made breakfast for dinner one night this week, and instead of scrambled eggs……I threw a tablespoon of cinnamon into the pan, and created a creamy, amazing textured pile of scrambled eggs.  Try it.  Aunt Jemima was all-ears, as she joined the party……as I made blueberry pancakes.  If […]

Eggplant: How do I cook them?

Eggplants are weird veggies, because there’s so much to do with them, in terms of having tons of options.  But…what to do.  What to do.  Don’t let the little creatures scare you.  I found that they were a walk in the park. I searched online, and found a great recipe at, and I ate […]